ANGLAIS Former City Hall

St-Denis's former city hall was built between 1848 and 1860 in the neoclassical style. It's a 37m wide square. Its distinctive feature is that it has two identical entries, at the front and on the right side: a deputy who didn’t get along with the mayor demanded his own entry!

In 1979, a modern building was built next to it and the offices were transferred. It is now dedicated to registry and marriage offices. It was restored in 1990.

Inside, you can admire the patio, the highland tamarin stairs and on the first floor the majestuous ball room. With gold leaf mirrors and ceiling lights, it is a small Versailles. The room is used for important receptions or VIP weddings.

Ticaz - Salle de bal de l'hotel de ville de St-Denis    
Bal room Patio  

Version Française

Former City Hall

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