ANGLAIS Jardin de l’Etat – State garden

Jardin de l’Etat – State garden

It stands for the end of the grid plan. It was created in 1767 by Honoré de Crémont along with the famous Mauritius Pamplemousses Garden. It used to be next to the river but aftre being devasted by floods and cyclones, it was laid out here around 1777. It was a nursery garden for the acclimatization of crop plants from overseas. After a certain period of time, plants and fruit trees were given to the population to be grown. Two famous botanists introduced many plants from their trips to Africa, America or Asia: Pierre Poivre and Joseph Hubert. In 1825, used to have 1100 species listed. Sadly it was abandonned after the war and destroyed by cyclones. Renovated in 2010, there are now 220 species. At the back, the Museum of Natural History fauna of the Indian Ocean can be visited, hosting extinct animals such as Dodo and Turtle, Coelacanth prehistoric fish that were thought to have gone extinct.

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Jardin de l’Etat – State garden

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22 résultats


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