Mosque of St-Denis





First mosque of France, built in 1905. Paris mosque will be built 21 years later in 1926.

Noor el islam = the light of Islam

White and green, typical colors of Sunnis

In 1974, a fire destroyed the first floor. It was reconstructed in 1979, and the 32m(100ft)-high minaret (cyclone-proof and lightning-rod)

Distinctive feature: shops on the ground floor. Because the muslim community are mostly shopkeepers and they support commerce on the street as well as they benefit from the rent income.




Monotheistic religion such as Christianism and Judaism based on the character of Abraham.

Muslims consider Muhammad to be the last prophet of God, his teachings were written down in the Koran

Based on the 5 pillars:           1. to pray 5 times a day > salat

2. to fast, to keep Ramadan > saoum

3. to make the pilgrimage to Mecca at least once > hajj

4. to spend 2.5% of one’s welfare to the benefit of the poor and the needy > zakat

5. to profess that allah is the only god and Muhammad his messanger > shahada


Muslim community are the descendants of workers that came from north eastern india, Gudjarat. They are called in Reunion “Zarab” which means Arab but that is a confusion since they are indo-pakistani muslims.

They came on the second half of the 19th cty because they were sufering hunger. They are mostly farmers but when they came here they converted to commerce, specialized in fabrics.

Quickly improve their condition in a harsh economic context: aroused the envy and racism from the population. But they managed to integrate themselves through the ordeals they shared with the population (cyclones, epidemics)

Mostly sunni muslims. Difference between Sunnis and Chiites : sunni believe in Muhammad and his family, Chiites only consider Muhammad

Also Chiites: Karanes from Madagascar

Chiite colors: black and gold

Zarab represent a 3% of the population

In the last 30 years: inmigration of Comorians muslims and muslims from Mayotte (also Sunni) > couple of thousands


1868: buy a land between a 120 muslims and they get the permission to built a place of cult in exchange for the commitment to respect the other communities. They are even granted the permission to practice the call to prayer 5 times a day. But they chose to respect and to practice it once a day, at nightfall.


Prayer schedule


Hegire: in 622 when Muhammad left Mecca for Medina, initiated the muslim calendar, based on lunar cycles, 28 days a month and 355 days a years. We are currently in  the year 1432.

In the muslim calendar, 2 aid (celebrations): 1. Aid al Adha ( 2. Aid al Fitr


Prayers must be performed in this time slot:          

Fajr > before the light of dawn

Dhurh > when the sun declines from zenith

Asr > in the afternoon

Maghrib > sunset

Isha’a >  in the evening


Shoes can not be worn after the fountains.

Prayers must be preceeded by ablutions, ritual purifications in the ablutions fountains. First hands, face (eyes, nose, mouth, ears), then arms and feet.

For the prayer they must be relieved from anything that will disturb the concentration, focus on the praying

Imam leads the prayer. He is elected considering his knowledge of the Koran. There is one main imam, has the leadership of the community and other imams. Here about 30, in Réunion 200. They study here in Reunion there is an islamic school and they go to England, South Africa or India.




Stained glass bleue, white and red in honnor to the host country

Floor made of marble


Prayer hall


1st commer sits in the middle, and the next ones will alternate: one to the left and one to the right

the Mihrab is a niche that indicates the direction of the Kabaa in Mecca

the pulpit of the imam, preaches on Fridays and the other days other imams

There is no decoration to preserve concentration

Women have other halls, not suitable for concentration

Mosque of St-Denis

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