Mahé de Labourdonnais

Born in St Malo in 1699 (copy of the bust in St Malo), appointed governor of the Mascarenes in 1735 while he was 36 years old. He was already a known navigator and stategist at this time, and a rich and self confident man although his small height (1m60 / 5ft 3’’): left for India when he was 14 years old, entered the service of the East India company as a lieutenant and was promoted captain, displayed bravery in the capture of Mahé (indian trading post on the Malabar coast) that it was added to his name.

He encouraged development of both Mauritius and Bourbon. Mauritius was called Isle of France, he decided to convert it to a port of call and had a port built in north eastern Port Louis (will be used as a naval base in the war of the Indies against the British). Bourbon was appointed as a food storage (not a good anchorage, coasts are difficult to abord). This secundary play makes people unhappy. People are forced to grow crops such as manioc.

In order to address the issue of maroon/runaway slaves, he set up groups of bounty hunters. He encouraged free trade between the colonists and transient boats. He set up numerous administrations such as commune and customs.

1746: MLB takes Madras to the British after the Siege of Madras and negociates with them alone. He decides to give the city back against money. But his sworn enemy Dupleix (governor of the french establishment in india) never forgives him and retaliated: he was discharged, sent back to Paris and accused of having abused his position for personal benefit and accumulation of wealth and maladministration. He fell into disgrace he had too many enemies, was arrested in 1749 and went to jail. In 1751 was tried and acquitted but his health is broken. Died in 1753.

Mahé de Labourdonnais

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682 résultats


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